Pictured from left to right: Case Manager Juana Jones, Ameeyah Edwards, Shedrica Hutto, Debbie Campbell and Case Manager Patricia Cain.

By: Project Director David Rutler

Ameeyah Edwards, Shedrica Hutto and Debbie Campbell were hired through Adecco to help the Southwest Georgia team beat a deadline to get all their files uploaded into the WorkSource Portal by the beginning of March. They exceeded expectations and completed the task in two months!

What’s so exciting is Shedrica and Debbie were WIOA participants in our program and, after successfully completing work experience, were looking for employment. We were able to refer them to Adecco to come work in our project.

Ameeyah was in the process of enrolling for our program when she was also referred to Adecco. Like many others, they came seeking a better employment opportunity and were successful.

We have openings for Case Managers, and we hope to hire these three women once they have reached the end of the Adecco temporary placement. They have started to work on case management training through ResCare Academy® and will undergo site-specific case management followed by shadowing.

We are thankful for Case Managers Patricia Cain and Juana Jones since they are the reason the three women visited our project. Juana met Ameeyah at a partner site and told her about our program and services. Before Juana could make it back to the office, Ameeyah had arrived and wanted to get started.

It didn’t take long to see Ameeyah was professional and driven and would potentially be an excellent addition to our team. Not only have they experienced a successful outcome of employment, but we have experienced success in being able to have these great ladies join our team.